July 1, 2014
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New Video Promotes City’s Innovation, Development

THE COLONY, Texas — How far can The Colony go? The sky’s the limit, literally, as shown in a new video featuring recent aerial footage of the city shot from a helicopter. The video also features American icon William Shatner talking with Mayor Joe McCourry and City Manager Troy Powell about
what makes The Colony a destination city.

The video is part of the Moving America Forward series, which broadcasts nationally and spotlights individuals and organizations which are “moving America forward by taking us to new roads and new opportunities,” Shatner said.

The Colony’s appearance on the program is a result of how high-profile economic development combined with a focus on quality of life embodies the entrepreneurial spirit of the country.

“As mayor of the City of The Colony, Texas, I work hard for our citizens to ensure our great city continues to be a model for cities all over America,” McCourry said. “The city council and I are helping to move America forward by creating an environment with low crime, low taxes, and sustainability
without sacrificing services – a city where everyone can develop and live the American dream.”

Following a Q&A with Shatner, McCourry and Powell sat down with Doug Llewelyn of The People’s Court fame to talk in more detail about why The Colony belongs in a discussion about progressive American cities.

“This is a city where the government believes that service is No. 1, where our citizens and businesses deserve to have the very best,” McCourry said, adding that The Colony is an inclusive community where people from all walks of life are welcome. “White collar or blue collar, we’re all dedicated to building our city into the greatest city in America.”

McCourry and Powell shared with Llewelyn information about many of the city’s amenities, such as its top-ranked golf courses, Hawaiian Falls, and miles of nature trails. However, the discussion soon shifted to Nebraska Furniture Mart.

“One of the exciting projects of many we have going on in The Colony currently is a partnership we’ve developed with Nebraska Furniture Mart,” Powell said, adding that NFM’s store in The Colony will be the nation’s largest single-purpose retail store. “Grandscape itself is over 430 acres. It will be the premier destination for entertainment and retail shopping, and spending time with your family not just in Texas but in the nation. It’s going to be amazing.”

“Everything has to be bigger in Texas,” joked Llewelyn.

Also big are the employment numbers the project is bringing to the North Texas region. McCourry quoted a state-level analysis of Grandscape which estimated 20,000 jobs will be created from the development.

“That’s what we’re doing to move America forward,” McCourry said.

In addition to jobs, Grandscape is projected to bring about 8 to 10 million visitors per year to the city, but it’s the residents, both current and new, who stand to benefit from increased sales tax dollars and increased home values.

Those benefits add to an already low crime rate and unique natural features of the lakeside community. McCourry said. With Nebraska Furniture Mart as the catalyst, city officials have been taking every opportunity to get the message out about why The Colony is trending.

“That’s the great benefit of [Moving America Forward],” McCourry said. “It gives us the ability to get the word out there. The Colony is the most happening place not only in Texas but in the Midwest for economic development as a whole.”

To see the Moving America Forward episode featuring The Colony, visit the Community TV page on the city’s website, www.thecolonytx.gov, or YouTube page, www.youtube.com/CityofTheColonyTX.

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