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Ask any kid who lives in The Tribute what they think about their school, and they’ll tell you they can’t wait to go every day. Ask any parent in The Tribute what they think about their child’s school, and they’ll tell you the educators and administrators teach a love of learning.

Acclaimed Schools On-Site at The Tribute

Located in The Tribute, Prestwick Elementary is a role model in Texas for its innovative environment for learning. As one of only nine campuses in DFW to earn a national STEM certification through NISE, Prestwick strives to create a collaborative learning environment. And as a project-based learning campus, students take ownership of their learning, and teachers facilitate this approach by providing an authentic experience in lessons of discovery with real-world applications.

Opened on-site at The Tribute in August 2020, the 194,000-square-foot Lowell H. Strike Middle School accommodates 1,200 students in a two-story, open-concept, and flexible design. The open-style provides more visibility throughout the building while the flexible design gives students and teachers the freedom to adapt spaces based on learning needs.

Take a virtual tour inside the campus. (Video shown for Walker Middle School – an exact replica of Strike Middle School.)

Little Elm ISD Announces Nationally STEM Certified School

Little Elm High School

A one high school town, Little Elm High School students enjoy the personalized attention they receive to accomplish the school district’s mission: To engage, equip and empower each student to realize their full potential. One-to-one technology, passionate teachers, a focus on college readiness, a tremendous CTE program and modern building renovations all set the stage for a one-of-a-kind high school education.


Little Elm ISD is a place where each individual adds their uniqueness to a culture based on excellence, integrity, respect and compassion. For more information, visit LEISD’s page specifically for Realtors and new residents.